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Retail Brand Overhaul


Integrate a store-within-a-store with layout flexibility and speed to market.


PDS partnered with Best Buy to incorporate the Pacific Sales brand within their established stores. To do so, PDS provided time-saving solutions including specialty fixtures, modular casework, pre-fabricated walls, and an assortment of store fronts created specifically for each brand.

The walls, pre-equipped with fire-rated plywood, painted MDF to spec, and electrical components, were crafted to install within mere hours of arriving to the jobsite allowing for an expedited inspection schedule. Following the wall set up, both casework and fixtures were design engineered to provide a slide-in-place install while adapting to a variety of store footprints.

To ensure successful project execution by installation partners, PDS developed interchangeable plans and elevations based on Best Buy’s multiple layout prototypes. Not only did this help form a universal install process nationwide, it also allowed the documentation to easily transform and adapt to suit a store-by-store scenario.

Due to the ease of the installation process, the typical 6-week project schedule was decreased to less than 2 weeks—showcasing how critical pre-fabricated walls and modular casework are to speed to market.