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Reuse Stores


Reusing PDS wall system and fixtures as they relocate to a new lease location.


As brands develop, so do the stores that stand behind them. We have witnessed stores not only transition but also completely move from one location to another. Moving permanent fixtures is a daunting task and can trigger fixtures to be abandoned rather than repurposed.

Our modular casework as well as prefab walls were used on the initial install, allowing our customer to reuse our product while saving time and money with the move. The initial store plans and elevations revolv+ developed were utilized to verify parts to be reused as well as develop a plan for additional parts and fixture needs. To assist with the relocation and ease the install, we also remapped all the prefab walls and fixtures to align in the new space. Through the “reuse” process, our customer saved an average of $30K per store on fixtures alone, verse starting the new location from scratch.