Adapting to Change Without Impacting Customer Experience

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Updating retail space with adaptable walls and fixtures is your next step to managing change.

We are solving challenges brought on by labor shortages and increased material demand with revolv+ sustainable wall systems and fixtures.

As customers feel more comfortable going back to in-store shopping, store design has become a top priority for retailers. Leading retailers find the immediate goal is to transition to the “new normal” as quickly and painlessly as possible, making it a seamless experience for their customers. Unfortunately, many retailers are falling behind the curve and are looking for ways to catch up and get back to a new normal.

Due to global supply-chain shifts brought on by COVID-19, retailers are running into difficulties resourcing material while also grappling with the added challenge of decreased skilled labor at a national level. This formidable combination can add strain and create a scheduling nightmare, even for the smallest of renovation projects.

According to the Department of Labor, the U.S. economy had 7.6 million unfilled jobs, but only 6.5 million people were looking for work in January of 2021. In April, the Wall Street Journal reported fear as a primary driver behind the labor shortage as people do not want to risk contracting COVID-19 by returning to the workforce. As a result, America is facing an unprecedented labor shortage. What’s more, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Commercial Construction Index reports that 71 percent of contractors are currently facing a shortage in at least one type of material, including steel, electrical supplies, and lighting, with prices soaring due to high demand.

In the face of labor and material shortages, how do retailers update stores to support the brick-and-mortar shopper?

After slowdowns in the past year, the retail industry needs to move fast again while maintaining a solid brand presence. However, it can be easy to fall behind without enough materials or skilled labor to keep up with the new changes or expected demands.

Delays and shortages are not good news for retailers, whether opening a new store or transforming an existing store. Fortunately, not all options for retailers are limited. By utilizing revolv+ prefabricated systems, retailers can eliminate material shortages at the source and cater to decreased labor at the storefront.

  1. Flexibility+   Walls are pre-built to various heights and lengths to accommodate any project.

    Have prefabricated walls ready for installation at multiple store locations simultaneously, ensuring consistent customer brand experience.

  2. Material Variation+   Prefab walls are completed with a variety of durable materials and finishes.

    Eliminate the need for sheet rockers, painters, and similar contractors in high demand.

  3. Pre-Installed Components+    Electrical and data components can be pre-installed.

    Create a shorter timeframe for electrician needs, plus  preschedule their services.

  4. Inspection-Ready+.  Prefab walls are inspection-ready.

    Capitalize on limited resources with the ability to preschedule inspections!

  5. Finish Specification+    Elevate to your brand with tailored finish options.

    Review readily available options that cater to your project schedule, not the other way around.

  6. Fixture Support+    We install plywood for fixture support and cost savings.

    Save money utilizing less materials while cutting down on-site waste and clean-up.

  7. Reuse+    Our prefabricated walls are designed sustainably with reuse capabilities.

    Knowing retailers need the ability to change quickly, our walls are designed to be flexible and reusable.

Get ahead of the competition by creating storage or display space quickly and efficiently

revolv+ wall systems update a retail space overnight, offering clean on-site installation with minimal disruption to your store or your customer’s experience.  Working with you from design and manufacturing to installation, our goal is to make this a seamless process. We guarantee our full attention starting with the details of your installation and including our +Advantage, allowing you to focus on your business.

Make your retail space work for you, we like to call it revolving.

For more information on how the revolv+ wall system and fixtures can help you adapt your stores email or call us directly at 952.224.2202.

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