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Rapid Nationwide Transformation


Design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture 9 unique fixtures for 50 stores within 120 days.


For the “Store within a Store” program, PDS undertook a collaborative approach, working closely with international partners as well as manufacturing in-house at their domestic facility in Elk River, MN. They designed and engineered a diverse range of fixtures, including platforms, towers, dump bins, outriggers, sign-holders, and POS counters, each crafted to integrate seamlessly into the “store within a store” concept.

Leveraging an array of materials like powder-coated metal, wood, and acrylic, PDS brought together the elements needed for a robust and visually appealing fixture package. This mix of materials ensured both durability and a polished aesthetic, key factors for Five Below’s brand image.

The rapid prototyping and manufacturing processes were crucial to keeping up with the project’s tight schedule. By maintaining efficient workflows and coordinating with international partners, PDS delivered all fixtures on time, meeting the deadlines set by Five Below’s required delivery schedule.