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The Ultimate Modular System


Design a modular fitting room system for various store types, with easy assembly and ADA-accessible rooms.


PDS designed a comprehensive modular fitting room system that incorporated key elements to ensure a seamless setup and adaptability for different retail spaces. The system included essential components like benches for seating, mirrors for convenience, and hanger hooks for customer use. Each fitting room kit contained a standardized set of 4 to 6 rooms, accompanied by 1 or 2 ADA-accessible rooms, providing flexibility to meet a variety of accessibility needs.

To streamline the assembly process and ensure efficient installation, PDS implemented a thoughtful packaging strategy. Each kit was color-coded for easy identification, with all hardware meticulously shrink-wrapped to ensure no parts were lost during transport. The components were neatly packed on cardboard and pallets, optimizing both storage and transportation.

Additionally, the modular design featured slatwall panels, offering clients the choice of laminate or metal finishes. This customization allowed retailers to align the fitting rooms with their specific aesthetic preferences and brand identity. The result was a system that combined functionality, ease of installation, and versatility, making it ideal for Old Navy’s diverse range of store types and locations.