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revolv+ has seen significant change in the way people are doing business with retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our top priority is to ensure our retail partners are at the forefront of that change.

That’s where our innovative, game-changing Retail Modular Vignettes come into play. We have taken our proven pre-fabrication process and designed stand-alone solutions made with change and flexibility in mind.

Our customizable Vignettes help remove the costs associated with remodeling entire sections of the store, providing temporary “store-within-a-store” structures. These structures not only help with store overflow, but also become a second hub for centralized customer service. They provide a suitable area for returns and pick-up solution for heavy traffic.

According to the Washington Post, Big Box earnings have skyrocketed amid the global pandemic, largely due to the purchase of larger big ticket items such as furniture and electronics.



“There is less panic-buying as we’ve settled into a new normal, but people are spending more on the big-ticket items,” said Deborah Weinswig, chief executive of Coresight Research. “There’s been a realization this isn’t just a temporary situation anymore.”


We know that big-ticket specialty items require more space and the ability to distribute in the store environment. revolv+ solutions are here to help you meet this new challenge while keeping your customers and employees safe.

The Washington Post reported that there has been up to a 700% surge in curbside pick-up in recent months. People are looking to shop with confidence, and our prefabricated, stand-alone solutions help retailers provide their customers with a safe and convenient shopping experience. Customizable Modular Vignettes are a cost-effective solution designed to keep your store organized and your customers happy.

Our completely customizable Modular Vignettes offer 3 unique benefits to your Storefront

  1. The prefab system is manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities, so there is little-to-no mess or clean-up. They can be installed quickly before store opens, or even during store hours.
  2. These customizable structures instantly create space for overflow storage, allowing for maximum space efficiency. We know understocked stores are “missed sales” for retailers. That’s why our Modular Vignettes are designed to make extra space for overflow products or easy access at the front of the store.
  3. Our solutions offer a safe and simple option for pick-up. With safety and convenience in mind, stand-alone vignettes create an easy and efficient pick-up solution or a second customer service option.

Designed to fit your space and growing needs

revolv+ modular solutions are pre-designed and prefabricated with flexibility in mind. While perfect for your current floor plans and storefronts, these storage savers are built ready to be re-purposed as the retail climate changes. All our modular solutions come in a variety of materials and finishes. Compliment your product offering with our brand-specific color program for a seamless customer experience.

Example of Pre-fab Display

Our modular Pre-fab Display offers variable height and size to fit any space with unique endcap opportunities. This option can also display specialty products or instantly utilize open space for overstock, becoming an attractive sales opportunity for your brands.


Example of Pre-fab Divider
The Pre-fab Divider allows for open spaces to become instant rooms or customer service areas, making it easier on your staff to control traffic flow and interact with customers. As with the Pre-fab Displays, there are opportunities to maximize storage space by adding fixtures and signage further enforcing brand recognition –ultimately working to boost your sales and increase your margins.

Our Pre-fab Room creates a unique approach to retail operations by increasing the efficiency of existing floor plans. The modular room acts as a pop-up “store-with-in-a-store” to be used as a secure storage space for your products with the most demand. These highly flexible, enclosed structures can also be used for temporary offices or customer service, extending your return and pick-up areas to help streamline your in-store traffic flow.

Sample of Pre-fab Room


All our stand-alone solutions are built to be temporary, tough, and expandable as your needs grow. With the ability to have pre-installed components, what sets our solutions apart is the rapid and easy installation process. We remove the anxiety of prolonged construction time by getting rid of the chaos, offering a pragmatic approach for our retail partners. Our prefabricated solutions are perfect for quick and easy operational fixes, allowing you to spend time on what matters most – your customers, your staff, and your bottom-line

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